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Automatically generate and run end-to-end tests from a single platform.

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Build end to end tests for your most crucial flows in minutes

AI enabled E2E test builder that generates code in your favorite testing framework

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Running E2E tests in CI/CD shouldn’t take hours


Only run tests that were affected by changes in a PR

Similar to internal tooling at Google, Nova builds a complete graph that maps source code to end to end tests. This way, only the tests directly affected by a change are run - no guess work needed.


Tests run in parallel in CI/CD, across many devices at once

Devices and runtimes are ephemeral. Nova will automatically bring up replicas to ensure that tests run in parallel and finish as fast as possible.

Full visibility across all of your tests

Realtime insights across all of your tests


Test coverage

User journeys

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Managed device infrastructure for every platform

Device deployment, parallel execution, screen recording, and logging with every test.

Spend time on development, not QA

Autogenerated, end to end tests

Nova pre-generates a graph across all repositories and leverages specialized models for each language and framework.

Auto-detect where tests break

Our graph maps source code directly to the test execution error, so you know exactly why it broke.

Visualize test coverage across the stack

Spend less time testing manually and managing test platforms.

Make QA teams move faster

Allow your team to focus on results instead of configuration and infrastructure.

Works with all of your tools

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